The Camans are a lively 3 piece acoustic band from Inveraray in Argyll, Scotland

The Band's line up is as follows:

Craig McIntyre               Lead vocals and rhythm guitar.

Rhona Robertson          Violin and Ukulele.

Scott Mirrless                Lead guitar, Bass drum, cajon, backing vocals.

The band formed in early September 2011 and within weeks played their first festival at The Best of the West  in the Inveraray Castle Grounds.

Since then they have played hundreds of gigs and festivals throughout Argyll and Scotland including a recent trip to Perth Australia for a wedding and micro tour.

Although the band's bread and butter is playing a mix of popular cover songs and traditional jigs and reels, their new album, 'This is us' is about the bands own creative side, which reveals an array of original music and musical arrangements spanning numerous genres from folk to contemporary rock, traditional to heart warming ballads and even a tiny step into the world of classical music. 'This is us' can truly be said to have something for everyone, and for the bands first album release is outstanding.

As for the band members

Craig is all about the singing and his infectious passion for performing live makes every gig special. His meticulous scrutiny of the need to adjust his voice to interpret the true meaning of each song ensures he captivates the audience at each performance.

Craig also plays rhythm guitar.

Rhona grew up in Glasgow and started learning classical violin at the age of 10. A lover of playing in orchestras, being in a band wasn’t really on Rhona's radar. However, a move to Argyll and a serendipitous meal one evening led to Rhona joining the already established band The Camans, and ensured that she never looked back.

The combination of classical violin with the already established musical energy of

The Camans has taken the band to new and exciting levels.

Scott has been playing guitar since the age of 12 and by 16 he was playing lead guitar at functions and weddings throughout Scotland. Scott's ability to play lead guitar while knocking out a rhythm on the kick drum is well, quite amazing and has to be seen and heard.

As a band they are committed to their music and in particular performing live, they put their heart and soul into every performance and interact seamlessly .

A local musician and journalist recently commented 'The only way I can describe The Camans is they play as if they are telepathic

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